основной баннер лето
основной баннер лето
основной баннер лето
основной баннер лето
основной баннер лето


Full of light, cozy and elegant restaurant is one of the most favorite places of guests of the resort.

The restaurant at the Clubhouse is designed in classic style with Scottish accents. Located on two floors it has a magnificent panoramic view of the golf course and surrounding landscape. On warm and sunny days you can enjoy breakfast or lunch on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant. The restaurant offers dishes of traditional Scottish and European cuisine, prepared with the freshest products according to special recipes.

Following the current trends in Europe and the best restaurants in Russia, the menu includes only the finest organic products. The food supplies for the restaurant are sourced through specially authorized eco-friendly providers and checked at each destination for quality and freshness. You can be sure that the dishes from the GORKI restaurant not only possess the finest taste but are also good for your health and form.

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