основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима
основной баннер зима

Rules and etiquette

Golf Course and Golf Academy Rules

Golf Course Rules

Gorki Golf Club follows the Rules of Golf as published and administered by the AGR.

Course rules are published on the scorecard.

In case of a temporary change of course rules, information will be posted on the first tee.

Eligibility to Play

A player must have a handicap of 36 or below to be allowed to play on the Champions course. Players with a higher handicap are permitted on the course only if accompanied by golf professional.

The administration reserves the right to complete starting groups. The maximum number of players in a group is 4. The sum of the handicaps of each player cannot exceed 110.

The use of alcohol is prohibited during a round and any player under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed on the course to play.


Driving range balls may not be used on the Champions course or the short course at any time.

Pace of Play

Players are obligated to maintain a normal pace of play. One round must be completed in 4 ½ hours.

The Course Marshall will have full control of play and enforce all rules. Faster groups have the right to play through.

Golf Carts

Carts are not to be operated by anyone under the age of 18.

Limit 2 players per cart.

Carts may not be parked closer than 25 meters from the green.


One caddy maximum per player during a round.

Caddies must be approved by the administration before entrance onto the course.

Course Maintenance and Preservation

All players must replace divots and repair ball marks.

All players must rake footprints in sand traps.


Club Rules and Etiquette

Dress Code

Effective on the golf course, putting green, driving range, and short course:

For men:

-          Polo shirt or long-sleeved shirt

-          Trousers

-          Classic knee-length shorts (in hot weather)

-          Important point: the shirt should always be filled, and trousers or shorts are necessary to wear with a belt.

For women:

-          Polo shirt or long-sleeved shirt

-          Trousers

-          Classic knee-length shorts or skirt (in hot weather)

Only studded golf footwear and footwear with a rubber sole may be used on the golf course. Sandals, slippers, sneakers, tennis shoes, soccer and baseball cleats are prohibited.

Jeans, shorts longer than the knees, sleeveless polo shirts for men, mini-skirts and tops on straps and blouses/ shirts with a low neck for women are prohibited.

 Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is prohibited inside and around the club, except the following cases:

• In locker rooms and at the golf club parking

• When one’s employment requires constant telecommunication access, such as doctors and civil servants. Phones must be switched to silent mode.


• Prohibited

Reporting Violations

If you witness any violation of the above rules, please notify the course or club administration.

Rules for Corporate and Special Events

In case of special or corporate events the administration is obligated to notify club members on possible restrictions on club usage or disruptions of services in advance.

Club members have the first right to use the premises of club for the organization of corporate and special events.
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