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GORKI White Nights Tribute
27 – 28 June 2020

Be Safe. Play golf together.

Each year, with the rise of the White Nights, St. Petersburg turns into the Home of Golf for the brave, strong and creative golfers. From an idea to play golf for 24 hours - to the Big Event with more than 100 golfers playing the TOP-100 Continental Europe Golf Course.

During the last 6 years, we managed to talk about the culture of our country, to go on a sea adventure, to overcome rain and thunder, to dance at the Ball, and to see the triumph of the Russian national football team. We remember each winner, each costume, each creative item. The brilliant cheerleaders and all
the triumphs of the teams have been part of the Event. For seven years in a row, we were ready for the sleepless nights, and we were sure that we would soon get together again.

We always looked towards the future with faith and optimism, with the hope for the best, however, challenges nowadays enforce us to make some adjustments. We made the difficult, but the only possible decision to postpone the GORKI White Nights 24 HRS 2020 tournament to 2021 (26 – 27.06. 2021). We
cannot break the traditions and the new restrictions which do not correspond to our Philosophy and goals such as no social distance and no borders.

Taking into consideration that the connections between all the countries are interrupted, the borders are closed, and we do not have the opportunity to meet together in the Clubhouse again, share the joy of victory, the bitterness of defeat, we decided that it would be better to pay the tribute to the tournament
and join us worldwide.

For those who want to follow the tradition, GORKI White Nights Tribute tournament will be held on June 27-28, and according to the old good tradition, we will start our marathon at 12 p.m. Moscow time. We will not be able to play for 24 hours in a row, but we do hope it will not destroy the spirit and the willingness to
win - this year’s victory will be the victory over Challenges and Circumstances.

Rules will remain the same. The tournament will be attended by the teams of 3 male players and the teams of two for Women and juniors. This year, however, the participants will play two rounds of 18 holes in the Stableford format.

The last but not least, all the Teams are invited to participate in WNS 24 Tribute using Golf Genius app.
The players should choose the course they would like to play and inform the Committee by 22/06/2020.

We assure you there are no borders or circumstances that could stop us from enjoying golf, being together, playing the Game of Golf.


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